Cetis has a strong history of community development and events. In the last six years we have run 109 events attended by over 3000 people from 600 organisations. Our events showcase innovation, support specification development, test specification implementation (codebashes) and develop communities.

Cetis Conference

Since 2004 our annual conference with its “unashamedly technical focus” has been a place where developers, managers, technologists can discuss innovations and priorities for the coming year. Each year the two day conference attracts in the region of 140 delegates from as far afield as the US and Korea. A number of key developments in the last decade can trace their origins back to a conference session e.g. XCRI, SWORD, PLE.

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Cetis Codebashes and Other Technical Events

Our experience is that conformance to a standard does not in itself guarantee interoperability. Codebashes are developer events that focus on testing the practical interoperability of implementations of a wide range of specifications, including IMS Content Packaging, Question and Test Interoperability, Learning Design and W3C widgets. Codebashes are particularly valued by the developer community as a place to innovate and play.
Through our Codebashes and other technical events we bring together developers, learning technologists, teachers, learners and managers to develop solutions to shared problems.

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I got more more done here in a day than I would have in three or four days in the office
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Workshops, Seminars and Webinars

Face to face meetings are a great way to meet and develop relationships with other people in the field, Cetis has experience of running one-day and shorter events to support many different types of discussion, including introductions to emergent technical concepts and standards, showcase events for project outputs and Strategic briefing events. Webinars remove the time and expense of travelling, and provide flexibility and potential to attract international speakers and participation.