European Learner Mobility Achievement Information and Europass DS

EuroLMAI has been formalised as EN 15981, which is only available for payment through a national body. However, it is based on CEN Workshop Agreements which were prepared through the European Learner Mobility site and for which material is still available on this wiki. The format for the electronic Europass Diploma Supplement (DS) is given in EN 15981 as a normative application profile of EuroLMAI, but contains nothing explicit about learning outcomes or competence.

The indended learning outcomes page included this diagram:

The bright blue sections of the diagram are the authors' suggestions, and not part of the EN.

As can be seen from this diagram, there is no explicit structure envisaged at this stage for an intended learning outcome (ILO), beyond the recognition that ILOs can be part of greater ILOs; or equivalently that ILOs can have lesser ILOs as parts. This is covered in the InLOC Hierarchy feature.