HR-XML PositionCompetencyModel


Contains a collection of competency information associated with a position or job. A position competency model includes references to individual competencies and references to groups of competencies that are required or associated with a position or job. Within those groups and individual competency references is information about associated proficiency levels (require or desire proficiency), and weightings of the group or individual competencies among their siblings.

General information

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information to be gathered details
Name / title of source/model and version if applicable  
Explicit / implicit  
Organisational competence  
Number of people currently affected  
User communities  
Significant use cases  
Significant business cases  
Sample materials  
Key features influencing uptake  


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N Features ? notes
00 More than one model    
01 Identifiers    
02 Hierarchy (internal)    
03 Internal relationships    
04 External relationships    
05 Conditionality / optionality    
06 Text syntax    
07 Structured identifiers    
08 Classification    
09 Level attribution    
10 Level definition    
11 Context    
12 Evidence and assessment    
13 Extensions    
14 Profiles    
15 Adaptation    
16 Definition by example    
17 Learning resources    
18 Learner records    
19 Multilinguality    

Any other or longer information

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