(part of the InLOC Information Model)

List of references

[Atom] Atom Syndication Format (text, html)

[ACSF] the Australian Core Skills Framework (informative website; InLOC page)

[CEFR] the European Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (informative website; InLOC page)

[CWA_16077] CWA 16077:2010 "Educational Credit Information Model". Available either at DIN or from CEN by FTP

[DCMI] DCMI Metadata Terms

[e-CF] European e-Competence Framework (informative website; InLOC page)

[ECTS] ECTS users guide (as a PDF document)

[EQF] The European Qualifications Framework (descriptors)

[ISO_639] ISO 639-1 (informative article)

[RDFS] RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema

[SKOS] Simple Knowledge Organization System SKOS reference

[TM] ISO/IEC 13250:2003 "Topic Maps" (informative article)

[UKNOS] UK National Occupational Standards (informative website; InLOC page)

[VRDF] the UK Vitae Researcher Development Framework (informative website; InLOC page )

[W3C-DTF] W3C: Date and Time Formats