Joinup is a new collaborative platform created by the European Commission and funded by the European Union via the Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) Programme. It offers a new set of services to help e-Government professionals share their experience with interoperability solutions and support them to find, choose, re-use, develop, and implement open source software and semantic interoperability assets.

General information

information to be gathered details
Name / title of source/model and version if applicable  
Stakeholder Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations (ISA) Programme EC
Explicit / implicit  
Organisational competence  
Number of people currently affected  
User communities  
Significant use cases  
Significant business cases  
Sample materials  
Key features influencing uptake Asset Description Metadata Schema for Software (ADMS.F/OSS) maybe relevant since it concerns the semantic interoperability.

Further information

Guidance requirements