Kompetansemål som RDF

(Competence as RDF, in Norwegian)

See http://grepwiki.udir.no/index.php?title=Kompetansem%C3%A5l_som_RDF


General information

(see Example source guidance)

information to be gathered details
Name / title of source/model and version if applicable GREP - Norwegian ontology of K12 Curriculum - http://www.udir.no/grep  - Wikipedia: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%A6replaner_i_Norge
Wiki for support for developers:  http://grepwiki.udir.no/index.php?title=Hovedside

Source file in xtm format: http://lkt.udir.no/xtm/Publisert/V1.0/

Example syllabus in RDF http://lkt.udir.no/eksport/rdf.mvc/laereplan/uuidxcx98720dc8-53bd-4fce-b149-5fac1db4b27f
Stakeholder Norwegian Schools Authorities
URL of source or stakeholder http://www.udir.no/grep - http://www.udir.no/Stottemeny/English/Curriculum-in-English/Core-Curriculum-in-five-languages/
Orientation (work, education, etc.) Curriculum description - with unique codes (URL identifiers) for all subjects in the curriculum.
Explicit model or implicit model? Explicit - available in Topic Maps format: http://grepwiki.udir.no/images/c/c5/Grep.xtm  (need Topic Map viewer to read - or see the model graphic below)
Can organisations have competence? no
Number of people currently affected All schools, local authorities, vendors, pupils.... etc.
Sectors covered School
Groups of actual users  
Significant use cases  
Significant business cases Alle portals use the Grep as subject classification for search, etc.
Sample materials See http://www.udir.no/grep   Since 2006 Utdanningsdirekotoratet stored offers structure, subject number and curricula electronically in a computer system called Grep. The curricula are stored in the data format of topic maps (or RDF). These contain a large number of relations between approximately 300 subjects, 13000 competence, set of competences and a host of other information of 40 different types, such as examination, number of hours, etc. 
The system has the following purposes:
  1. Be one official source for current offers structure, code and curriculum for Norwegian Schools Curricula
  2. Ensure that updates of the information items are distributed to all systems that use and present information
Key features influencing their uptake of InLOC outputs  


(see the Features page or the separate pages for each feature)

N Features ? notes
00 More than one model 1 various entities are modelled - see diagram below
01 Identifiers 1 identifiers are given to subjects, competence definitions, ...
02 Hierarchy (internal) 1 subjects; competence sets / competences; etc?
03 Internal relationships 1 subjects can be combined
04 External relationships 0 probably
05 Conditionality / optionality ?  
06 Text syntax 0  
07 Structured identifiers 0 probably
08 Classification 1 categories
09 Level attribution 1 through "semester"
10 Level definition 0  
11 Context    
12 Evidence and assessment 1  
13 Extensions    
14 Profiles    
15 Adaptation    
16 Definition by example 0  
17 Learning resources 0 learning resources refer to subjects
18 Learner records 0  
19 Multilinguality ? probably just translation?

Further information

The model graphic representation

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