Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO)


CEN Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO) is a European specification that covers a wide range of information about learning opportunities including intended objectives (learning outcomes to some extent).

The conceptual model of MLO is depicted in MLO Model Figure below; the Red block is adapted for iCoper project. The key concepts are defined as follows:

  • Learning Opportunity Provider: An agent (person or organization) that provides learning opportunities.
  • Learning Opportunity Specification: An abstract description of a learning opportunity, consisting of information that will be consistent across multiple instances of the learning opportunity.
  • Learning Opportunity Instance: A single occurrence of a learning opportunity.

General information

(see Example source guidance)

information to be gathered details
Name / title of source/model and version if applicable MLO-AD
Stakeholder CEN WS-LT
URL there is an official CWA PDF from 2008, but there is now the European Standard EN 15982 (2011) which is not freely available, and differs slightly.
Orientation Learning Opportunities
Explicit or implicit model Explicit
Organisational competence No
Number of people currently affected  
User communities  
Significant use cases  
Significant business cases  
Sample materials  
Key features influencing uptake  

Further information

MLO Data Model

Effectively the models of prerequisite and objectives have no structure.

Guidelines requirements

InLOC needs to explain in detail how an InLOC structure will be represented and referred to by MLO.