The TRAILER (Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences) project.

Reference: 519141-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-KA3-KA3MP


The TRAILER project is a European (KA3 project from the Life Long Learning Programme) project running from January 2012 to December 2013. The project aims to facilitate first identification by the learner (as ultimately responsible of the learning process), and then recognition by the institution, in dialogue with the learner, of this learning. The learner identifies episodes and evidences of informal learning in any of the different spaces in which she learns (formally or informally). She then links to these to the tool, located within her portfolio, and then tags them in relation to a predefined but evolving catalogue of competences. The tool is linked to the institutional interface in such a way that relevant experiences (related to the institutional target competences) are accessible to the institution. Other experiences that may be personally relevant to the learner are accessible to her.

General information

information to be gathered details
Name / title of source/model and version if applicable TRAILER
Stakeholder Project partners are Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya (UPC), Open Universiteit Nederland (OUNL), University of Bolton (UB), Dom Szkolen i Doradztwa Mykowska Aleksandra (DSD), Instituto Polit├ęcnico do Porto (IPP), University of Belgrade (UB).
Orientation Very generic: explicitly aimed at link between informal learning, education and workplace
Explicit / implicit Explicit
Organisational competence No
Number of people currently affected None defined by now. Large potential through possible EU policy influence, and through this project, InLOC.
Sectors covered Higher Education and Workplace
User communities Higher Education and Workplace
Significant use cases Currently in progress
Significant business cases Currently in progress
Gather sample materials Currently in progress
Key features influencing uptake It is necessary to integrate the reference model InLOC into the competence model used in TRAILER in a way that it was possible to represent competences related with Higher Education and Workplace institutions

Further information

The project has just started at January 2012 and the management of competence and outcomes is not currently available.

Guideline requirements