Cigref Information System Roles in large companies HR nomenclature

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For the seventh time since 1991, CIGREF has updated its Nomenclature of IS roles which provides a description of the roles existing in the Information Systems Departments of large companies.

As a result of its studies, started in 2002, concerning e-competences and its participation in work conducted at a European level, CIGREF’s HR group has decided to incorporate the competences from the e-CF into its nomenclature of roles. This nomenclature had already been formatted to allow this in its 2009 version. In 2010, the role data sheets were thus completed accordingly.

The 36 competences described in the e-CF (except Channel Management which does not concern the user companies) were distributed as part of each role data sheet in the CIGREF nomenclature depending on the real needs of companies in the HR group. The work was based on the existing tools and reference frameworks used in these companies.

A role data sheet therefore now contains the descriptions of each competence necessary to exercise the role, as well as the required level of each competence.

The full competence framework (e-CF) is also as an annex.

Today, many CIGREF member companies have adopted the CIGREF nomenclature of roles and several have also adopted the European e-Competence Framework, e-CF. This new version of the nomenclature should be suitable to meet their needs.

A worked example is given on its own separate page, Cigref 1.1.

General information

Name / title of source/model and version if applicable Cigref IS HR nomenclature
Stakeholder Cigref brings together 130 French companies and organisations from all sectors.
URL of source or stakeholder
Orientation (work, education, etc.) work
Explicit model or implicit model? explicit
Can organisations have competence? ?
Number of people currently affected Used by several big companies in France 
Sectors covered Information System
Groups of actual users All IS professionals could be concerned.
Significant use cases Job application, performance management
Significant business cases Job application, performance management
Sample materials In the nomenclature
Key features influencing their uptake of InLOC outputs Capability to link to e-CF external referential, multilinguality support.


(see the Features page or the separate pages for each feature)

N Features ? notes
00 More than one model 0  
01 Identifiers 0 Identify LOCs by structure of the docs
02 Hierarchy (internal) 1 based on jobs definition
03 Internal relationships 1  
04 External relationships 0  
05 Conditionality / optionality 0
06 Text syntax 1 Always a verb first but cannot find a specification for this
07 Structured identifiers 1 Job and related e-CF competencies with its level
08 Classification 0  
09 Level attribution 1 Based on e-CF
10 Level definition 1 Based on e-CF
11 Context 0 There is one main context
12 Evidence and assessment 1  
13 Extensions 0
14 Profiles 0
15 Adaptation 0  
16 Definition by example 1  
17 Learning resources 0
18 Learner records 0  
19 Multilinguality 0
Only in French for the moment

Further information

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