Certificat Informatique et Internet

See the C2i web site.


C2i is a list of competences that must be validated by licence (Bologna process) and masters students which aim to mastering basic and professional competencies in the field of uses of Internet and technologies. C2i is structured in two level : Level 1 for license level and Level 2 for master level. C2i Level 2 is split in four professional specialities : health, law, engineering, environment.

A worked example is given on its own separate page, C2i.C2i2md.d6.1.

A brief framework description is available here : http://www.c2i.education.fr/IMG/pdf/Referentiels_du_certificat_informatique_et_internet_circulaire_2011_C2imdd-2.pdf

General information

Name / title of source/model and version if applicable C2i
Stakeholder Ministry of Higher Education and Universities in France – "Ministère de l'Enseignement SupĂ©rieur et de la Recherche"
URL of source or stakeholder http://www.c2i.education.fr/
Orientation (work, education, etc.) education
Explicit model or implicit model? implicit
Can organisations have competence? Non
Number of people currently affected Hundreds of thousands to millions - All higher ed organisations and learners who wish to join a masters level course
Sectors covered Higher education
Groups of actual users All higher ed organisations and learners who wish to join a masters level course.
Significant use cases See observatory on web site
Significant business cases This was mandated but seems to be decreasing
Sample materials See web site
Key features influencing their uptake of InLOC outputs There is to be a meeting with e-skills to discuss future, this will help determine how influential InLOC could be.


(see the Features page or the separate pages for each feature)

N Features ? notes
00 More than one model 0  
01 Identifiers 0 Identify LOCs by structure of the docs
02 Hierarchy (internal) 1 Both C2i level 1 and 2 have hierachical competencies
03 Internal relationships 1  
04 External relationships 0  
05 Conditionality / optionality 0 The conditionality is related to the assessment/evaluation (80% of one part and 50% of other) and are not in integrated as optional competencies in the model itself
06 Text syntax 1 Always a verb first but cannot find a specification for this
07 Structured identifiers 1 Domain and numbered sub-domains
08 Classification 0  
09 Level attribution 0 Either have or do not have, pass or fail
10 Level definition 0 Either have or do not have, pass or fail, so levels just between Level 1 and 2 which are related to different competency framework
11 Context 0 There is one main context
12 Evidence and assessment 1  
13 Extensions 0 non
14 Profiles 0 Could be for level 2
15 Adaptation 0  
16 Definition by example 1  
17 Learning resources 1  
18 Learner records 0  
19 Multilinguality 0
Only in French for the moment

Further information

Guidelines requirements

See the worked example on its own separate page, C2i.C2i2md.d6.1, for more information regarding implementation guidelines.