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Terms, definitions and abbreviations

For the purposes of this documentation, the following terms and definitions apply.


proven ability to use knowledge, skills and personal, social and/or methodological abilities, in work or study situations and in professional and personal development


learning outcome

what a learner is expected to know, understand, or be able to do after successful completion of a process of learning

(shortened from ECTS Users Guide)

NOTE: The full proper term is "intended learning outcome", and unless it is clear from the context that the reference is to the actual outcome of learning in a person, "learning outcome" should be understood to mean "intended learning outcome" throughout this documentation.


learning outcome or competence


learning outcomes and/or competences

LOC definition

formulation in words of a distinct LOC concept

NOTE: A LOC definition expresses a concept about the characteristics of people. For any LOC definition, there should be the possibility of there being evidence that would be relevant to what a person is able to do in respect of that LOC.

LOC structure

assemblage of LOC definitions, together with expressions about their metadata, properties and relationships

NOTE: In the context of InLOC, documents and frameworks are represented by LOC structures.


Resource Description Framework


uniform resource identifier