Cetis produces a range of publications annually including briefing papers, white papers, reports, books and journal articles. A complete listing of our publications is available from the Cetis publications site.

One of the advantages of the Cetis briefing papers is the format and presentation style. Executives will not read a long paper. The writing style must reflect the audience and Cetis is using their briefing papers well to reach that audience.
Jim Farmer, George Town University

Our Briefing papers are short four to six page briefings to introduce a new specification or topic.
Cetis publications
Cetis White papers are longer publications which give an in-depth analysis of a particular topic for example the Cetis Analytics Series papers or the MOOCs and Open Education, Implications for Higher Education paper.

The Reports and books we publish are typically produced as a result of a project (not necessarily externally funded). They may describe the activity of that project or may be an output of that project for example, Into the Wild – Technology for Open Educational Resources.

Cetis staff also write Journal articles which are published in peer-reviewed journals.

The work Cetis has done with the Analytics Series has been insightful and thought-provoking for me as I pursue my own research agenda related to this area. I’m indebted to them, and they have a supporter from the USA.

Kyle M. L. Jones, University of Wisconsin-Madison