CETIS provides strategic and technical advice, guidance and support across the entire Student Journey landscape and its business contexts.

Higher Education Providers are going through a period of turbulence and rapid change, with the student experience the defining feature, so many are having to redesign service delivery and information accessibility and to create more flexible, traceable and student-centred services.

In particular, we can help providers and other organisations negotiating change in managing areas such as:

  • recruitment, retention and completion
  • applications and admissions
  • managing student choices
  • enrolment
  • learning analytics
  • business intelligence
  • employability
  • eLearning

using methodologies such as

  • service design
  • as-is/to-be process analysis
  • enterprise architecture
  • systems thinking methodologies
  • maturity models

and using techniques and technologies such as

  • Software Sustainability Maturity Model
  • data modelling
  • data mapping and transformation
  • data visualisation
  • Agile project management
  • Agile software development
  • service design blueprinting
  • workshops and structured interviews
  • support to information and data standards implementation

Case Studies

Jisc: Employability Skills Match – Developing a Pilot Service For Improving Student Employability Skills
Scott Wilson, Simon Whittemore and Simon Grant
Service Offer: Digital Credentials
Business Area: Employability
Techniques Used: Service Design
Service Type: Consultancy
Improving Enrolment and Induction Processes
Alan Paull
Client: University of Bradford
Service Offer: Process improvement
Business Area: Enrolment
Techniques Used: Service Design
Service Type: Consultancy
Role: Project Manager, Designer