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The by type

A LOCassociation of type by gives structured information about an agent involved with the subject of the LOCassociation.

LOCassociation properties with by as the type

expected value notes
id 0..1 URI  
type 1 1 id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition
subject.label 0 empty (or literals) used only if subject is defined externally 1 a specified URI the type of relationship between LOC and agent – see compound properties
scheme.label 0..* literals literals that help humans to understand of the meaning of the scheme 0..1 URI if the agent has a URI – cf. Atom person URI – where other details may be retrieved
object.label 1 literal name of agent
number 0 integer no usage defined

The 4 specified values for for this LOCassociation type are intended to be equivalent in meaning to the same terms in the DCMI. These are listed as compound properties.

The object of these LOCassociations is an "agent", which is comparable with dc:Agent and with Atom person constructs