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The number property

This is one of InLOC's direct properties.

Property name: number
Label: decimal numeric property
Definition: the level number or credit value, if appropriate
Property of: LOCassociation
Value range: decimal number, with the sense that a higher number is a more advanced level or greater credit

Number considered alternatively as a property of object

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to regard number as a property of object rather than LOCassociation. This is possible only if
every LOCassociation with the same either has the same number (if it is given) or has no defined number.

This is done for one version (the "optimised" one) of the RDF binding.


The meaning of the number property depends on the type of LOCassociation.

type meaning of number within this relation type (and scheme, if appropriate)
LOCrel hasDefinedLevel
number associated with the level, a greater number meaning a higher level (mandatory)
LOCrel (other schemes) no defined usage
by   no defined usage
category   no defined usage
credit   credit value given under the noted credit scheme (mandatory)
level   attributed level in the noted level scheme (mandatory)
topic   no defined usage