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The category type

A LOCassociation of type category serves to categorise any LOCstructure or LOCdefinition according to any classification scheme.

LOCassociation properties with category as the type

expected value notes
id 0..1 URI  
type 1 1 id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition  
subject.label 0 empty (or literals) used only if subject is defined externally 1 URI recommended category scheme as in Atom
scheme.label 0..* literals (multilingual) labels for the scheme (not present in Atom) 0..1 term or URI the category term, as in Atom, may be URI, may concatenate with to make full URI
object.label 0..* literal label for term, as in Atom category label, plus translations
number 0 integer no usage defined

As noted, this information structure allows a superset of the elements defined within the Atom category element.