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The credit type

A LOCassociation of type credit documents educational credit that applies to a LOCstructure or LOCdefinition. The value in that credit scheme of successful attainment of the subject LOC is represented; the credit scheme is identified, and a level is given if appropriate.

LOCassociation properties with credit as the type

expected value notes
id 0..1 URI  
type 1 1 URI id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition  
subject.label 0 empty (or literals) used only if subject is defined externally 0..1 URI recommended credit scheme, if given as URI
scheme.label 0..1 literals credit scheme, if given as string, plus language variants 0..1 URI credit level as URI
object.label 0..1 literal credit level as string
number 1 integer the actual credit value

The CEN Workshop Agreement from January 2010 – CWA 16077, "Educational Credit Information Model" – provides a model for this. From CWA 16077: