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The level type

A LOCassociation of type level gives the level attributed to a LOCstructure or LOCdefinition in some external level scheme or framework.

LOCassociation properties with level as the type

expected likely value notes
id 0..1 URI  
type 1 http://purl.org/net/inloc/level  
subject.id 1 URI id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition  
subject.label 0 empty (or literals) used only if subject is defined externally
scheme.id 0..1 URI recommended level scheme id
scheme.label 0..1 literal(s) level scheme string, possibly as abbreviation: language variants possible
object.id 0..1 term or URI level within the scheme, if either full URI or term to concatenate with level scheme id
object.label 0..* literal(s) label(s) for level
number 1 integer the numeric level, greater number being more advanced level

This type of LOCassociation is only to be used for attributing level values to a learning outcome or competence definition, where the level is taken from an external level scheme or framework defined independently of the subject LOCdefinition. It must not be used as a mechanism to define levels in a framework that defines levels. To define levels according to InLOC, the LOCrel LOCassociation must be used.

This LOCassociation indicates the level (given in the object) of the subject LOCdefinition in a level scheme that has already been defined independently, and represented here in the scheme.