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The LOCrel type

A LOCassociation of type LOCrel relates a LOCstructure or LOCdefinition to another LOCstructure or LOCdefinition.

LOCassociation properties with LOCrel as the type

expected value or range notes
id 0..1 URI  
type 1 http://purl.org/net/inloc/LOCrel  
subject.id 1 id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition normally defined locally
subject.label 0 empty (or literals) used only if subject is defined externally
scheme.id 1 a specified URI the type of relationship between LOCs – see relationships
scheme.label 0..* literals any label representing the relationship
object.id 1 id of LOCstructure or LOCdefinition defined locally or externally
object.label 0..* literals should be omitted if object is defined locally
number 0..1 decimal, integer preferred for scheme.id of hasDefinedLevel or isDefinedLevelOf – no other usage is defined

Values of scheme id for LOCrel

The specified values for scheme.id when the LOCassociation is of type LOCrel are given with the InLOC relationships.

NOTE: InLOC distinguishes, on the one hand, defining levels (using this type, LOCrel) and, on the other hand, attributing external levels (using another type, level). See the InLOC treatment of levels.