This is one of InLOC's direct properties.

InLOC combinationRules is specifically intended to describe the rules set out in a LOCstructure for combining any LOCdefinition instance that hasNecessaryParts and hasOptionalParts.

The variety of these rules in existing structures is great, so no attempt is made within InLOC to provide a formal structure for them.

The combination rules do not in any way replace, or substitute for, the essential structural relationships between LOCdefinitions, but rather add the extra details that are difficult to formalise, but frequently turn up in curriculum structures, where the attainment of one greater learning outcome is defined as dependent in some complex way on a combination of lesser ones.

Thus, stating which lesser learning outcomes are necessary, and which optional, is something to be detailed explicitly in LOCassociations of type LOCrel, but details such as how many of the optional ones are needed, and what combinations are allowed, are to be detailed in human language only in the combinationRules.

A combinationRules property may be repeated once for each language, and each language version should be a faithful translation of each other one.