This is one of InLOC's direct properties.

A LOCstructure in InLOC is in effect constituted by its LOCassociations, and conversely, LOCassociations are the primary necessary constituents of a LOCstructure. This is because InLOC does not restrict the placing of LOCdefinitions to be "inside" or "outside" a LOCstructure. Each LOCdefinition may have an independent existence, along with appropriate metadata; but LOCassociations in InLOC cannot exist independently. They exist only as part of a LOCstructure.

It is this that motivates the name of this property. A LOCstructure is comprised, primarily, of LOCassociations as its essential components. A LOCstructure is not comprised of LOCdefinitions, as these definitions have an independent existence, and may be defined externally.

Because an XML or JSON element can imply a property and/or a class, "comprisesAssociation" does not appear as an element name in the proposed XML nor JSON bindings. The InLOC XML and JSON bindings simply use the element name "LOCassociation" implying the property.

In bindings such as RDF, in contrast, a clear separation is expected between classes / resources and properties / predicates, and this property can be used.