This is one of InLOC's direct properties.

Compare title, description and furtherInformation:

The furtherInformation property is designed to represent information beyond the description. There may be one furtherInformation element providing full formatted text of the appropriate documentation, or there may be one such element in each of a range of languages, or there may be several furtherInformation elements in one or more languages spread throughout a LOCstructure or LOCdefinition, representing any information that is not represented in another way.

For multiple uses of furtherInformation, an attempt should be made to avoid any confusion of language attributes, by either having all instances with no language, or all instances as each language given.

In cases where description is restricted by a profile to being a plain text string, furtherInformation may hold the formatted text of the description, as well as other information, with arbitrary markup, in any XML or other file format.

For a binding of InLOC using Microdata or RDFa, it could be that the bulk of the displayed information constituted the furtherInformation, and parts inside that relate to the other properties and relationships.