Cetis has had two services accepted by the Cabinet Office G-Cloud Programme. The programme seeks to gain benefits for the UK Government in terms of cost saving, flexibility, reduced environmental impact, and a dynamic and responsive supplier marketplace.

Cloud computing refers to any computing capability that is delivered as a service over the Internet, although the term is also sometimes used to refer to adopting a hybrid approach where similar technologies are used on-site. It can take many forms, as explained in the Cetis Briefing “Cloud Computing in Institutions“.

During 2013, the Cabinet Office undertook the fourth round of their G-Cloud framework procurement and Cetis was successful in getting two services accepted. The ability to get data into and out-from cloud-based services is an important issue and our offering is based on many years of experience of Open Standards – development, evaluation and compliance – and understanding of information in the education and skills domain.

More information is available from the CloudStore.