For over a decade Jisc funded Cetis to promote and support the uptake of educational technology specifications and standards for the benefit of UK Universities and Colleges. Today we can announce that Jisc has commissioned Cetis to undertake a new package of work that combines activities to secure value from Jisc’s previous investment with other activities intended to identify opportunities for Jisc in the future.

Adam Cooper, Cetis co-director said:

We are heartened that Jisc continues to have interoperability and open standards on its agenda and very happy to be working with Jisc’s Digital Futures team again. I am particularly looking forward to collaborating with them to develop ideas for the future, both the in respect of technical areas and ways in which we can bring along our expertise in co-development in both the design and adoption of interoperability specifications and standards.

Cetis will continue to work with bodies such as IMS Global Learning Consortium, the DfE/BIS-sponsored Information Standards Board for Education Skills and Childrens Services, and The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) to ensure that the needs of UK post-16 education institutions are well represented with these standards organisations. Specifically Cetis (on behalf of Jisc) will continue to promote and develop specifications for assessment  (QTI), technology integration (LTI), learning resource description (LMRI), and technology to support the Higher Education Achievement Report. We will also be reviewing new opportunities relevant to learning analytics, accessibility, and options for building more effective pre-standardisation communities.