Since August Lorna Campbell has published ten case studies on how projects have implemented the Learning Resource Metadata specification.

On her blog Lorna says:

These are case studies of a number of LRMI implementation projects that were funded between 2013 – 2014. Ten different OER platforms received small grants from the Gates and Hewlett Foundations to implement the LRMI specification and share their experiences with other developers.

The case studies provide a useful overview of the specification and the variety of projects now using it, ranging from Open Education Resource projects to community wikis, national repositories and simulation projects.

  • Open Tapestry
  • Jorum
  • Gooru
  • PhET Interactive Simulations
  • P2PU
  • Curriki
  • Untrikiwiki
  • OpenStax CNX
  • ISKME OER Commons

Lorna and Phil Barker are currently synthesizing the common issues and approaches from these case studies, and a synthesis report will be available shortly.

All ten case studies can be found on Lorna’s blog at: