January – October 2014

In early 2014 Cetis was commissioned by Creative Commons to help manage the third phase of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative project (LRMI). The initiative, which builds on the work of Schema.org, aims to support the discovery of relevant education resources on the web. LMRI is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and jointly lead by Creative Commons and the Association of American Publishers with the aim of making it easier to publish, discover, and deliver high quality educational resources on the web. With input from a wide range of organisations, from both the open and commercial spheres, involved in publishing and using educational resource LRMI successfully proposed additions to schema.org (an initiative of Google, Yahoo and Bing) allowing the description of educationally important properties of resources to be marked-up in web pages in a manner that is easily understood by search engines. This enables people to create search engines that support the filtering search results based on criteria such as their match to a specific part of a curriculum, or the age of the students, or one of several other characteristics.

After the completion of this project we remain represented on the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative LRMI Task Group

Key contact: Phil Barker
More information: LRMI terms